This free browser demo for Resident Evil Village is the

Capcom has released a free, browser-based, streaming demo of its 2021 hit, Resident Evil Village (opens in new tab) based on licensed Stadia technology (opens in new tab) from Google. Google has made a big retreat from its game streaming service, rebranding to the more anodyne “Google Immersive Stream” and licensing the technology out to other developers and publishers instead of making big moves in-house.

I gave the demo a try and was largely impressed—it’s fairly generous, offering long portions of the game’s village and mansion portions. The limits of streaming technology and my dookie Comcast internet were quickly apparent, however: The visuals were very muddy and low-res, looking like the Switch port of the Witcher 3 (opens in new tab) but blown up on my 27′ monitor, and I had fairly substantial performance hiccups culminating in a hard crash necessitating a full reboot at the group prayer scene in the village. I certainly wouldn’t want to play the whole game this way.