New Franklin County Humane Society building in the works

FRANKFORT Ky. (FOX 56) — The new Franklin County Humane Society building is in the works, but it doesn’t come without a few bumps in the road.

After several successful fundraisers, shelter staff thought they were in the clear as far as funding, but as they found out, there’s an issue when it comes to location. The access road to the shelter is city owned, and it costs roughly $350,000. The original construction contract didn’t include the roadway, so now it’s an unplanned expense on top of what money they had already raised.

Humane Society Board President Sam Marcus has tried to get the attention of city officials on the matter but hasn’t had any luck so far. Currently, he’s working to get the issue on the agenda for the city.

“We’ve gotten 50,000 dollars from the Frankfort plant board because they have a part of it that goes into their property. There’s 300,000 dollars that we weren’t planning on. We haven’t raised the money for it. Right now, the city is making us pay for a city public road,” Marcus said.

On the other hand, Marcus said he’s so thankful to everyone in the community who donated and helped the cause. Despite issues with the city, shelter construction is moving forward with walls. The next step involves installing structural steel and concrete roof panels.

“It’s so incredible that the city of Frankfort residents stepped up to the tune of $4 million. In Frankfort Kentucky a small town, that just shows how much they care about the project, how much they see the need, and how much they care about animals. We can’t thank them enough,” Marcus said.