Microsoft adds new gaming features to the Edge browser: What

Microsoft has announced a new update for its Edge browser which upgrades it to version 103. Apart from that, the software giant has also introduced some new features on the Edge browser that are focused on gaming. Earlier, Microsoft announced these features in beta and now they are available for users on the stable version of the Edge browser.
How to get the new version of Microsoft Edge
To use the new features in the Edge, users have to update their browser to version 103. Users need to visit the Edge menu that is denoted with the ellipsis icon around the top-right corner and have to select the Help & feedback option. Next, you have to go to the About Microsoft Edge option to check for updates, which will install automatically after a certain time. However, users who are unwilling to get their Edge browsers automatically updated can manually check and install the new version by following the steps mentioned above.
New gaming features added to Microsoft Edge 103
Microsoft has added multiple new gaming features to the Microsoft Edge version 103 update. Here is the list of the gaming features that have been included by the software giant.
New gaming homepage
The new gaming homepage is the latest section that has been added to the default New Tab page in the Edge browser. Users who switch to the gaming homepage can see information about their last played games, ongoing competitions and games that are presently being live-streamed. Users can also keep a tab on the upcoming game releases, along with gaming news and other information.
Clarity Boost for cloud gaming
Microsoft Edge’s new Clarity Boost feature can benefit the players who are into cloud gaming through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This feature applies some scaling improvements in real-time to improve the visual quality of games being played through the cloud. Microsoft claims that this feature will bring the cloud gaming experience a little closer to the console experience. The menu in the top left corner of the game contains the Clarity Boost option, however, this feature can’t be enabled or disabled from the browser window.
Microsoft Edge efficiency mode
Efficiency mode in the Edge is an existing feature that allows users to set the browser to reduce resource usage when possible. The feature has now got a new capability where it has an option to use fewer resources while playing a PC game. This feature minimises the impact on performance and users can enjoy their games without having to completely exit the browser.
New Games menu for casual gamers
Lastly, Microsoft has added a new Games menu for the more casual gamers. This menu allows users to instantly access the Microsoft suite of PC games that include — Solitaire, Minesweeper and others. This option was previously available through the sidebar of the browser, however, now the Games menu can be accessed directly through the Edge menu.
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