Inside Little Bricks, the Cosy Notts Restaurant Offering an

I found out about Little Brickhouse, also known as Little Bricks, the same way everyone did – a geolocation tag on a mutual friend’s Instagram.

On the surface level, Little Bricks almost looks replicable across trendy Pinterest boards, with its Danish looking interiors complete with natural wines and mid-century furniture. Yet a conversation with the owners assures its authenticity. For both of our benefits, I speak to owners Katharina Linnenbrink and Joaqim Nielson to understand the stories built into the restaurant. It feels aptly named Little Brickhouse; as I chat to Katharina, it feels like she placed each building block into it. The design is unique to them and just as important as the food. When you do take a bite, though, you’re truly becoming a part of their family and their journey. From the art they like, to the wines they pair, to each individual chair – Little Bricks is them. 

Breaking the boundaries of what normal restaurants once were, Little Bricks has dipped a toe into the art scene. Local artists fill their walls with tiny price tags in the corner. The iconic backdrop of quirky, colourful art is now available to buy. My personal favourite sits above the fireplace from local artist @kynobi on instagram.

What’s on the menu? An eclectic mix of Nottingham’s finest food and wines

“Why Nottingham?” I ask. “Where else?”  

Little Bricks was a natural birth. The love child of German Katharina Linnenbrink and Norwegian Joakim Nielson fused together as the mismatch that is them, no room for technicalities or rulebooks. Back to the day it began in 2021. Katharina tells me that she and Joakim sat at the Hand in Heart with a beer, and they made eye contact with the little shop across the road. Painted a bold red, they fell in love with her straight away. I say her, because that is what Katherina tells me in earnest – she is a she, and I believe her. Moulded onto the ceiling is a part of the female anatomy that I urge you to look up at next time you’re enjoying your oysters. I notice in the back corner there is a rounded fire alarm painted to resemble another part. They don’t seem to take themselves seriously at all, but there is something about this that makes me think they do. 

The first time I visited Little Bricks, I had the kale and alioli fritters. Joakim laughs at this as they both remember the nightmarish repetition of creating equally-sized foods. There is a warmth in the restaurant that Katharina refers to as mother’s love. She wants the focus to be on each other and the food to work as a bridge between. Like coming home to mother’s dinner table, it’s a time to break bread with your family and fill them in on your stories of the day – that’s what Little Bricks is. “People are the most important part.”

So what’s on the menu? An eclectic mix of Nottingham’s finest food and wines. All of their vegetables are biodynamic: meaning they are sustainable and good for the earth. Whether you visit for brunch or supper you’ll be greeted with a new extended menu offering sharing plates alongside seasonal classics. They’ve expanded from their iconic set menu in order to give more people a taste. The biggest shocker for the coffee-spoilt among us is their lack of coffee on the brunch menu. A refreshing change from being offered an overwhelming list of options, it’s back to the nineties with only tea or a filter brew. 

If you do book a table, it’s essential you order a dessert. Joakim scours the likes of the New York Times and beyond to bring colourful desserts to Nottingham. Elevated, sophisticated, and a little bit indulgent – they are not to be missed. My favourite will always be the salted caramel dark chocolate mousse with orange confit; that is until I try their next creation. 

Little Bricks hosted their first wedding back in February. They arrived in a vintage bus and stayed for their wedding breakfast and midnight snacks. With partying in the basement until the morning, I’m told to expect more of the same from them soon, from wine tastings to music evenings – the owners are honing in on their community hub they’ve created. Their first event with CATMILK was a live music and dining experience that saw customers filling in all night.

Everything about Little Bricks is thoughtful, and you can truly understand how much of a culmination everything is of all our other local favourites. With natural wines from local sellers, to art made down the road, and furniture from the Danish Homestore. Yet Instagram followers of their account will recognise their authenticity as Katharina posts relaxed photos of her own home. As she snaps her Christmas Day lunch spread it proves how eating at Little Bricks is like eating at home with mum’s food – that is, of course, if your mum is a fine dining chef. 

You can find Little Bricks at 110 Derby Road