How to improve Gaming performance in Microsoft Edge

Folks are saying that Microsoft Edge has become the best gaming browser due to this recent update. The developers behind Microsoft Edge decided to team up with Xbox to roll out new gaming-related updates for the web browser. These new features are important as we enter the realm of cloud gaming, a sector where Edge will have a huge role to play.

Improve Gaming performance in Edge browser

Improve Gaming performance in Edge browser

Efficiency mode helps improve PC gaming by reducing the RAM and CU the browser uses when you are playing PC games. To optimize and improve the gaming performance in the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 11/10 PC, follow these steps to enable Gaming Efficiency Mode:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge browser
  2. Press Alt+F to open Edge settings
  3. On the left side, click on System and performance
  4. Now on the right side locate Optimize Performance section
  5. Enable Improve your PC gaming experience with efficiency mode.
  6. Restart Edge browser.

While here, you might want to enable the following settings too, to make Edge faster:

Microsoft Edge will improve gaming performance on Windows 11/10 and keep games running fast and smooth by automatically reducing browser resource usage when a PC game is launched. With this feature, you do not need to close the browser to play and reopen it when you are done. As soon as you close the game, Microsoft Edge will exit Efficiency mode and get you right back to where you left off.

Other features that make Microsoft Edge the best Gaming browser

Gaming homepage

The new Gaming homepage is built with exclusive Xbox features and curated content that reflect your gaming interests – including Gaming news.

Gamers are more interested than most when it comes down to reading gaming news, watching live streams, etc. With this in mind, Microsoft has chosen to add a new personalized homepage in Edge for gamers. As soon as the web browser is launched, folks will then be able to view much of their favorite gaming content.

Clarity Boost

Clarity Boost will make Xbox Cloud Games look sharper and cleaner when playing in the Edge browser. The Clarity Boost feature is not enabled by default.

Microsoft Edge to be optimized for gaming

To enable the Clarity Boost feature in the Microsoft Edge browser:

  • Click on the (…) button while in the game
  • From there, enable Clarity Boost to improve graphical output.

Microsoft games menu

The Microsoft games menu that appears on the right side gives you easy access to a large collection of games and also helps you discover new games.

Gaming is not just about playing hardcore, AAA games. Believe it or not, most gamers tend to play the more casual offerings. From this section, expect to find games such as Microsoft Solitaire, Microsoft Jewel, Microsoft Mahjong, and more

Let us know how you like the performance of the Microsoft Edge browser when playing games on your PC.

Which web browser is best for gaming?

With the recent update in Microsoft Edge 103 and later, Microsoft has become the best web browser for gaming as it helps improve PC gaming by reducing the RAM and CU the browser uses when you are playing PC games. Others like Opera GX are good too though! Some of the best gaming browsers have been discussed in the linked post.

Is Opera GX better than Edge?

Improve Gaming performance in Edge browser