Champaign Co. Humane Society needs new cleaner to help

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)–Champaign County Humane Society is asking the community to help buy a needed kennel cleaner.

Society officials said the new facility will open in 2023 off Kerns Drive in Champaign. They said they are in need of $5,000 to buy the “Kennel-Vac.”

The new center will have two buildings, one dedicated entirely to education and the other specifically to animal training and humane education.

Sarah Shepperd, development director of Champaign County Humane Society, said, “Well, one of the buildings is just our education building, and then the other building it will have our adoptable animals. The first floor and then the second floor is administration.”

One of the buildings will offer varying animal training courses, which will be of aid as they do not have a facility to host classes. They offer courses, but Prairieland Feeds hosts the classes. CCHS has a partnership with Prairieland Feed that they will continue. Sheppard said, “We will be continuing partnership with such long-time supporters.”

Shepperd said the staff currently spends so much time cleaning, and spending time with the animals is their priority. Currently their method of cleaning is a mop and bucket–which she states takes a lot of “elbow grease and time.”

The cleaner will allow staff to spray water and cleaning solution simultaneously, and then they can swiftly vacuum up the mess.

“So that way [we get] to spend more time with the animals and give them enrichment, attention, and help them get socialized because well… socialized pets become adoptable pets,” said Shepperd.

CCHS works with dogs, cats, small animals, and occasionally a snake or a bearded dragon.

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“Thank you for your continued generosity, and an extra big thanks to the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois for all the hard work you do for our community and organizations like ours!” said society officials.