How NFL Teams Evaluate Prospects for the Draft

How NFL Teams Evaluate Prospects for the Draft. Every year, the National Football League (NFL) conducts a draft to select the top college football players who are eligible to play in the professional league. The draft is a complex and highly scrutinized process, as teams try to identify and select the players who will best fit their needs and contribute … Read More

River warfare in the US Civil War

The mental images that most Americans have of the American Civil War involve the scenes of major land battles — Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburg. Armies marched dozens of miles, prepared encampments and defensive works, and either attacked the enemy in its own prepared defenses or awaited contact with the enemy. The picture is Napoleonic: an army marching across terrain to

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HB Acton’s version of Marxism

H. B. Acton gained celebrity with the publication of Illusion of the Epoch in 1955, supposedly as a serious philosopher’s even-handed exposition of the philosophy expressed in Marx’s writings. Acton was not an especially influential philosopher, and he certainly does not stand in the first ranks of post-war British philosophy. He taught philosophy at the London School of Economics, Bedford

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Understanding Society: Confronting Evil in History

My short book Confronting Evil in History has just been published in Cambridge Elements in the Elements in Historical Theory and Practice series edited by Daniel Woolf. 

Here is the abstract:

Evil is sometimes thought to be incomprehensible and abnormal, falling outside of familiar historical and human processes. And yet the twentieth century was replete with instances of cruelty on

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Gross economic inequalities in the US


An earlier post (link) highlighted the growing severity of inequalities of wealth and income in the United States, as well as Elizabeth Warren’s very sensible “billionaire” tax proposal. According to a 2020 article in Forbes, “According to the latest Fed data, the top 1% of Americans have a combined net worth of $34.2 trillion (or 30.4% of all

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Is there a working class in the US?


There is certainly a working class in the United States, and it is a majority of the population (persons who earn their livelihood through wage-paying employment). But it is highly fragmented, mostly in the service sector, unorganized, and often disinclined to believe in the possibility of serious social change. A recent Brookings research report by Martha Ross and Nicole

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The growing risk of authoritarian rule in the US


Thomas Edsell’s piece in the August 3, 2022 New York Times offers a truly chilling view of the plans currently underway by Donald Trump and his supporters for creating an authoritarian one-party state in the United States (link). Edsell draws primarily from Trump’s own words at the America First Policy Institute in late July 2022.

As he contemplates a

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Understanding Society: Resisting authoritarian populism

The rise of an organized effort to create an authoritarian right-wing government in the United States is palpable. Unhinged Republican elected officials call for political violence and “civil war”; an ideological and Christian-nationalist Supreme Court moves forward unhesitatingly in attacking long-established and fundamental rights, including rights of reproductive freedom; Republican-controlled state houses enact ever-more restrictive legislation and gerrymandered electoral maps

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