A Book of Bones by John Connolly. Or Book of Digression


Not finished August 2022
Recommended for serious Connolly fans
★   ★   

Pusat Berita Terkini Dear John,

I wanted to read a book about Charlie. His buddies, Louis and Angel. His ghost-kid. Maybe something sort of supernatural. But this felt like an EXTRA!!! version of a Connolly book, the ridiculous kind, like a taco shell wrapped around another taco. (Have you been reading Anthony Horowitz? I would advise not doing that before you write your own book).

I was with you for the supernatural viewpoint when we left Charlie and friends and went back to England, and I tried to hang in there for our dual killer viewpoints, one (view spoiler). And I gritted my teeth and hung in there when we went back in time to the 17-somethings (I think?) and did the viewpoint of the poor wretch that got involved with the Atlas wayback when. It actually became kind of pertinent and I sort of (note the ambivalence) looked forward to seeing how you would loop that back into the plot. But when you then transformed it a police procedural on the English moors and I was still hanging around at 35% or so by my kindle’s estimation–I gave up. Literally. The library sent an email saying, ‘hey, we want our book back,’ and I said, ‘sure, no problem, here you go’ without any regrets. No trying to lock it away in a trunk, hide it away in my basement, nothing. Just an immediate ‘adios.’

And no nightmares resulted at all.

I’m told this one is pretty important and sort of brings together a lot of the wandering threads that were left around earlier editions, but I gotta say: not worth it to me. Sorry, friend.

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