10 Traditional Indian Drinks

Traditional Indian Drinks India is a country in South Asia which is quite famous for its culinary variety. Not a few foreign tourists come to India just to prove these culinary delights. Indian traditional food and drink have also gone international. Call it masala chai and lassi, drinks whose names are starting to  frequently found on cafe and restaurant menus. Curious what other traditional Indian drinks are no less popular?

1. Aam panna

Aam panna is a drink that is often consume in summer in North India, the taste is sour, sweet and refreshing. This drink, which is rich in vitamins B1, B2 and C, uses boiled raw mangoes, mint leaves and cumin as its main ingredients. Aam panna is believe to be a tonic drink that can ward off digestive disorders and diseases, such as tuberculosis, anemia, cholera, and dysentery. Have you ever tried this one drink?

2. Cultivation

Chaas made from plain yogurt that is stirre together by adding water, salt and spices to it. A layer of butter will form on the surface after the stirring process. Hence chaas is often referre to as traditional Indian buttermilk. This drink is generally serve in a clay glass. The purpose of being serve in clay is of course to keep the temperature cool. Chaas is especially good to consume on hot days, as it helps the body recover from dehydration.

3. Falooda

Falooda is a refreshing drink made by mixing rose syrup, vermicelli, milk and basil seeds. Sometimes some restaurants serve falooda with added ice cream. Other fillings such as sliced fruit or sprinkles of jelly can also be adde on top for variety. This drink also often found as a treat at weddings in India, you know.

4. Kaapi filters

Filter Kaapi or Madras Filter Coffee is an Indian filter coffee popularize by India Coffee Houses since the mid-1940s. Until then it became an icon in southern India, such as Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Kerala. Before serving, the kaapi filter is poure back and forth several times as in the process of serving pulled tea. This  meant to make the flavors of coffee and milk mix perfectly and cool it down without the need for additional water. Kaapi filters are presente in sets of metal cases calle dabara.

5. Jal-jeera

Jal-jeera is one of the popular drinks in northern India. Apart from being consume during the summer, jal-jeera is also serve as an appetizer because it has a taste that can arouse one’s appetite. This drink made by steeping jal-jeera powder and serve cold with boondi (flour balls) sprinkle on top. Jal-jeera powder itself is a combination of spices, such as cumin seeds, mint, salt, pepper, ginger, and dried mango powder.

6. Kanji

Kaanji  made from fermented black carrot and red beetroot plants, giving it a deep red color. Kanji has a sour and slightly spicy taste with a smell like kombucha or other fermented drinks. Kanji one of the good probiotic drinks consumed to improve digestion, increase body immunity, and skin health. This drink  generally served when entering the cold season and before the Holi festival.

7. Lassi

You haven’t visited India if you haven’t tasted this drink. Lassi is very common in restaurants and street vendors in India. At first glance it is similar to chaas, except that the lassi is thicker. There  several types of lassi sold in India. Ranging from sweet lassi with fruit, namkeen lassi (salty lassi). And bhang lassi (lassi using bhang, a type of processe cannabis plant).

8. Masala chai

India is also very famous for its chai. Chai itself means ‘tea’ and masala refers to ‘spice’. Common spices used are cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and pepper. This spice  then boiled together with tea leaves, milk, and sweetener. The amount of ingredients can vary depending on what flavor the maker wants to bring out. The longer the chai is cooke, the stronger the flavor will be. Once straine, the masala chai is ready to be serve.

9. Shikanjvi

Shikanjvi or shikanji is a fresh lemonade drink originating from northern India. Shikanjvi  very popular as a summer drink and  often sold by street vendors. The process for making shikanjvi is similar to making squeezed lime juice. It’s just that with the addition of some spices, such as saffron and cumin. Some people also often add black salt and mint leaves to it.

10. Solkadhi

Solkadhi  a drink made from a mixture of coconut milk and kokum, which is a dried mangosteen-like fruit. Kokummostly found in the Konkan region, the area where this drink originates. It is this mixture of kokum that gives solkadhi its slightly purplish-pink color. Solkadhi  also often consumed with rice, bread and other dishes. Because, Solkadhi believed to help digestion.

Although the basic ingredients for making it vary, most traditional Indian drinks contain spices in their concoctions. So as to produce a unique taste sensation on the tongue.